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So what exactly is "The Rant" you ask?  Keep reading below for more info.  You can also go straight to the action by clicking the image below.


A few years back there was a new project in the works where my literary genius was concerned.  Unfortunately right before things were due to be presented to everyone the news had to be postponed during some crucial transitions.
After some time and after some necessary changes, I was finally ready to reveal my latest endeavor making a mark on the scene with...             
"The Rant"  
So I bet you’re all asking yourself what is “The Rant”?  It’s exactly what it states.  My usual brand of cynical sophisticated humor wrapped up in one entire literary fiasco; but that's not all.  
The Rant cover topics from music, to life and everything in between.  From sarcastic and silly to serious and heartfelt, you get it all.  When I started The Rant it was initially slated to be a new weekly column for a popular online music, networking/news site & community but after some irreconcilable differences I made a very hard decision to part ways and in turn stay true to myself as I always have.  
I decided since this was my baby there was no good reason to quit while ahead so why not let the rant rock 'n' roll.
I believed this column and my 2 cents was a sure fire way to entertain the masses, to spark some real conversation between people and thus far it has done just that.

On that note, thanks to everyone for your continued support and I hope you get a kick out of what is and what is yet to come.