Renee Lopez

Singer-Songwriter ༒ Composer ༒ Entrepreneur ༒ Writer

BIOGRAPHY of Renee Lopez...

Renee Lopez, born August 13, 1980 in Long Island, New York is an American singer-songwriter, composer, philanthropist, producer and the founding vocalist/front-woman for the active American metal/rock band Sever Our Scars, aka S.O.S.  Lopez, also known by the stage name RLo, started her musical journey at a very young age.  Coming from a musically inclined family she was always putting energy into singing, writing and playing various instruments, including the guitar in her younger years.  Since that time, she has worked on a number of musical projects over the years from fronting the rock/metal bands Kaymin and Candelario to other various side projects and collaborations ranging in genre such as; Eden Lysari, composing for commercial projects within TV/Film, creating material for Scion, Nike, indie horror films, and so forth.  She has also worked alongside other notable acts and musicians on collabs/guest appearances such as Johny Chow (Stone Sour, Fireball Ministry, Cavalera Conspiracy), Jimi Fist (Kicking K8), Karen Karsh, Johnnie Johnson and others, but she is best known for her time spent as the front-woman of the progressive rock/metal outfit; Purge.

Beyond musical endeavors, Renee Lopez is also an entrepreneur and the owner of Lewd & Crude Greetings, a novelty based greeting card & merchandise line formed in 2007 in San Diego, CA as well as a small jewelry & accessory line called Rebel L.

A long time writer of various editorials, Lopez was asked by Sam Roon (Hung bassist, Sony Music/Roadrunner) to come on board in late 2010 as a writer and weekly columnist for the popular NY based online music, networking/news site & community, SkullsNBones and their sister site; Hear Evil (formerly SexyNBrutal).  After irreconcilable differences led to her departure from the project in 2011, she proceeded to start a new online weekly column on her own in June 2012 appropriately titled “The Rant” which showcased articles covering varied topics from music and life all with the brutally honest edge and sarcastic, humorous tone to which her writing is known.

Also notable throughout the years, Lopez has worked on various Acting and Modeling projects from guest appearances on A&E’s Criss Angel Mindfreak, the CBS TV movie Surrender Dorothy starring Diane Keaton, Full Throttle Saloon on Tru TV, Veronica Mars (WB), Innervision, live television music performances/music videos and countless other appearances/shoots.

Welcome To The World According To Nee...

So, you wanna know me? …Well get ready for the ride.
From the beginning I evolved into a strong, creative, driven & passionate person.  Today it’s safe to say and for those who know the real me, you’ll never find another quite the same.

I’m real; a well-rounded woman who is full of substance, yet perfectly flawed.  I’ll be the absolute best I can be to ya, loyal to a fault, but disrespect me and those I care for and you best get to running!  
I’ve already lived a long life full of many experiences, trials and tribulations; however, my journey is not quite complete. My whole life has been encompassed in one way or another with many different vices, adventures, mistakes and passions but the blood that runs the deepest has always been within music. I’ve been quite fortunate & blessed in many ways and thankful for everyone whom I’ve met thus far along this journey. I’ve had the privilege over many years of working with some great people, musicians and others and I’m eager to continue doing so for years to come.

As many of you know I’ve been a touring musician for a very long time. Along with my main project as a metal front-woman, I also found myself dabbling in the making of some various genres of music while collaborating with other projects/musicians, composing for film/commercial ventures, and much more. But no matter what I’m creating my heart will always belong to Metal and Rock ‘N’ Roll; Music=Life baby.
In 2007 I took on yet another new role as an entrepreneur, becoming the founder & cynical mastermind of an outrageous novelty greeting card/merchandise line called Lewd & Crude Greetings.  This along with a small jewelry/accessory line and delving into other entrepreneurial ventures as if I didn’t have enough to do with everything else in my crazed life, I took on yet a new endeavor. 
In all my years of writing and blogging I somehow never equated that love into something more than a pleasurable pastime or work; why I don’t know.  But finally (and long overdue I might add), I decided to showcase more of my 2 cents shortly after gaining the opportunity in Oct 2010 to put my writing talents to more good use as a content contributor for NY based Skulls ‘n’ Bones & the sister site Hear Evil (formerly Sexy ‘n’ Brutal).  Even though my time spent on that project came to an end, it was a great experience and it spurred me to start a weekly column entitled “The Rant” which started its official reign of online terror in June 2012 and ultimately got me on another path moving forward towards new experiences.

Finally why not end this with a little reflection on the past…
Like many of you I had some very odd experiences & jobs throughout life that most, even myself have found a tad surprising. One of my most influential past endeavors was helping others as a Medic and slaving away for many years with other truly amazing people.  Driving that ambulance, lights & sirens blazing, or working in other various areas including disasters, gave me many fond memories that I'll hold forever.  Sometimes sad, sometimes fun and mostly pretty damn stressful and crazy but nevertheless; priceless. 
I worked on a rig and did other medically related duties and teaching for well over a decade, even getting hurt in the line of duty. All this while living on the road doing music in my off time and it’s easy to say I've had some very interesting years thus far. But as we all know certain things must come to an end in order to move onto the next chapters of our lives and while change is never easy, ya just gotta keep it movin.
So with that said, welcome to my passionately crazed world and thanks again to all of you for your continued support, you're all the best; salute!  =)  



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